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Congratulations to Andrew Bookholt for achieving 500,000 reputation!

Today marks a moment in history.

Another iFixit member/previous iFixit employee (from what I have seen) has achieved 500,000 reputation today. Big round of applause to Andrew Bookholt!

Andrew has created multiple guides and answered multiple questions. He is a key part of iFixit, and this milestone is well deserved.

It is now time to welcome Andrew to the 500k club. From my knowledge the only four users on iFixit at the time of this post that have over 500k reputation are @mayer, @mr2incredible , @oldturkey03 and Andrew.

On behalf of the thousands upon thousands of people you have helped fix their stuff, thank you so much! You have made a positive impact on the DIY community.

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Thanks Aaron! Walter (@mr2incredible) and I were the repair guide making team at iFixit for a couple years and we really enjoyed making all those guides and content. I can probably speak for him in saying that we enjoy it even more when they empower people to fix their stuff! I’m grateful that Kyle and Luke embarked on the awesome mission of creating and shaping iFixit into what it is today and am thankful that I could be a part of it. Thanks to you for being a member of the community!

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An even bigger thanks to you for creating all of these wonderful repair guides and answering questions! Thanks for stopping by!


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Aaron Cooke will be eternally grateful.
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