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TR5 bits (Torx Security) – does anyone know where to buy?

Just bought the full Manta set, but noticed it contains only the non-security T5 (vanilla Torx size 5), rather than the TR5 security version.

iFixit don’t seem to even sell this bit on either their US or EU websites, either.

Anyone know where I can get one, preferably in UK (otherwise rest of EU or US)?

(and yes, the size T5 is available as a secure version TR5, before someone suggests they’re not done in that small a size; they are.)

Thanks in advance.

PS: FYI, this Security Torx bit can also be described by various brands/outlets using other terms, including: TR5, TT5, T5H, TH5 …and likely several others!

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What device uses TR5 security screws? And, where in the device.


A few now, but that's not pertinent.

Regardless of the device, the question is *where do I get one from*, without having to buy a whole massive set?


I would still like to know as I haven't see it used.

As the bit gets smaller the bit wall gets thinner. TR6 is already easy to be broken went torqued to far.


Is there anywhere that sells single bits (apart from here obviously)?


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Google turns up a few possible sources. I think our tool development team might be interested to know where and in what device you found a T5 security screw? They’re not very common, but if they start turning up more often, we can always add it to our driver kits.

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> "Google turns up a few possible sources."

Does it? For me it didn't. Care to share, please.

Unfortunately, a long search yesterday across sites, using several 'terms' for these bits, wading through endless untrue seller descriptions, all I could find was two individual driver listings (rather than just bits), and a bit as part of one set (happenstance, all via Amazon UK):



There's even a TR4 individual driver now!:


Trouble is:

1. They're individual drivers rather than replaceable 4mm bits (given how fragile they likely are, probably need to trash after a few uses).

2. Given their fragility, and likely need for replacement, buying a whole set to get one bit is pointless.

3. The individual drivers ship from China/HK sellers, meaning 4-6 weeks lead time.

Hardly worth it, really. :-/


Given they can be used as non-security bits as well as security ones, it’d make sense to upgrade these two sizes in your sets into their security versions that can then be used for both.

Obviously additionally selling them as spares in your US & EU stores would be strongly appreciated, then users could buy new ones when they break, or better maybe just 4-pack spares sets.

And if you’re worried about your lifetime guarantee, as per most manufacturers of fragile parts, just add a disclaimer advising that “Security Torx bits TR5 & TR4 are not covered under our lifetime guarantee, due to their fragility, but replacements can still be purchased via our website”, or similar. I think most people would understand that without it being perceived negatively, especially as even offering them in the first place would be giving your product an advantage over the competition.


D'oh, I completely missed that you specifically wanted a bit rather than settling for a fixed driver. My bad. In that case, I don't have any better options for you. Our tool development team is always tinkering with updates to our driver kits to make them more comprehensive, but it's hard to justify the effort (not to mention compromising our warranty) for a screw type that we've (or at least I've) never seen in the wild. If you really need that driver, as much as I hate to send you to another vendor, 4-6 weeks is still faster than it would take for us to create something from scratch. Sure appreciate you asking though. If you have a list of places this particular screw is used, it might help me get something kick-started over here, but it would take time.


The driver may be better for this situation. You can build it to be stronger than a driver bit. You'll need the strength for such a thing too.

I also have a hunch this bit is saved for devices you need it for recessed holes anyway. I've personally never seen it (I usually see TR6) but I wouldn't be surprised if this holds any weight. Even a device I would genuinely expect a hard to find screw bit on (TI calculator) was standard T6 but I needed a driver for it on mine. Of all the devices I can imagine, I didn't find it on the one I most expect it.


You really need a torque screwdriver for these smaller bits as they are easy to snap! A solid Torx is stronger than a Security Torx bit! Here's the tool I would use Torque-Tech -Mini Torque Screwdriver


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