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"Nice Question Badge" has a broken image

Just wanted to pass this on, it’s been broken for a few days, and it appears everywhere the image is displayed. I’ve attached screenshots of what I’m talking about. Very minor issue, but something worth reporting!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

It probably got moved or deleted on the server side.

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Can you check that page in an incognito window or a separate computer? It is possible you have a bad version of that image cached in your browser.


@evan I tried clearing cache initially, and I just cleared it again and it's functional now. Weird. Sorry about that!


No worries! The image had been broken but I thought we had it fixed yesterday.

Now I'm sure we did. Thanks for getting back to me.


@evan Huh, so I guess my browser had the broken image cached. Good to know I wasn't fully wrong at least.


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@evan I don’t have this issue. It looks like it’s client side.

Block Image

It also works in microsoft edge as well.


Google Chrome Dev

Version 74.0.3729.22 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

With extensions:

Google Voice, Save to keep, Wayback machine, chrometana, HTTPS everywhere, and adblock plus.

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It's on my client side. I cleared browser cache, issue persisted, cleared again, works fine.

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