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Sonos self destruct with a countdown!

Sonos explains why it bricks old devices with ‘Recycle Mode’

This takes the cake! Instead of collecting the old gear (recycle) they set off a self destruct so the device can’t be used again.

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Yikes! We actually use a Sonos speaker system here in the office, and lately some of the speakers haven’t been connecting and working very well. It’s troubling to know that putting them in “Recycling Mode” actually renders the speakers useless, so hopefully nobody in our office uses that function. Thanks for sharing as always @danj !

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@jogihara - Just think of the waste of all of these still very useful speakers! Just more for the land fill which we don't need.


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The fault with their logic here is people know that these may not be as capable as a modern one, but may be okay with that at a discount. Not everyone cares about AirPlay 2 and will happily take it.

I know back in the day when CDs were still mildly relevant (and because my handwriting is garbage) I was looking into a thermal CD labeler to get around that issue. I remember coming across a vendor back in the day that had a upgrade program, but it voided the warranty and support on the old one if present if you took the offer - BUT you could keep it and continue to use it. I can’t remember the name, but I know that was a thing.

I know if I could get something like that (if I could justify it) that if I could get it for 10-30% of what a supported one costs, I would be totally cool with that deal. *Unsupported* devices sold with a condition like not getting warranty or support should be priced significantly lower as a red flag, but they should still be available.

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