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Parts listing needs a fix!

Can someone fix this parts posting: MacBook Unibody Model A1342 AirPort/Bluetooth Board Replacement

The first part just goes to Amazon: MacBook Unibody (Model No A1342 Late 2009 AirPort/Bluetooth Board

Instead of dumping people onto Amazon how about just to a page with the parts info and list to a parts partners.

Its clear you want to move out of the old parts space, which is fine. It’s a lot of work and I’m sure its getting harder! BeetsTech and TheBookYard appear to be good sources for me. I’m sure you can work together with them or others. Lets not dump people to Amazon.

I’m not so keen on going to Amazon as I often find I don’t get what I needed or the part was not at the grade or even what I was expecting (just ordered a 2015 13” retina display only to get a raw LCD panel instead).

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Hey Dan,

We are still a Mac parts supplier and are not wanting to get out of it! But yes, we don’t focus on older models like this as much anymore. We push to Amazon since there are usually multiple options available albeit it can be more frustrating than dedicated parts suppliers like you brought up. I imagine that even the folks who focus on just Mac parts can be spotty with inventory on older things too though. We’d love to be able to have more specific sources to point people to but the oversight and management of that isn’t something we can handle right now. It’s a lot of work to micromanage that many links. This is something we’d love to work towards doing in the future but we’re not there yet.

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@scotth - I'm only talking about the old stuff not the current, and clearly not the batteries! The problem is the link doesn't point to a part at all.

OK, let's find a better solution than dumping people into Amazon. We are only talking about the parts you once had and don't any more.

How about just a page with the parts basic info and calling a day! You don't need to go any further. There are just too many fake sellers and bad products sold on Amazon and eBay!


@scotth the solution provided by @danj is truly the best middle ground - I do it when I cannot find the part, or if it's hard to find. I've never had an issue with eBay, but I know what to look for vs. when I'm better off buying a stripped parts machine to get it.

What I do is provide the best part number for end users to use. See this for how I do it.

Do bear in mind the battery you sell was added later (I cannot find it in the history), but the HP Spare# I provided lives on - which is what I did to get around the issue when I originally posted it.

I've usually never written a page because I'm a solo operation when I make guides, but I'd imagine you can figure it out as a team on who does it.


Yeah putting the part number onto the item pages is good. To clarify, we don't link to Amazon search pages by default. We always link to a specific Amazon product but when that specific product in no longe available, Amazon then defaults to showing someone the general search result which I agree is not ideal.

Our workflow when no longer supporting a product is to link to the best Amazon product and eBay next if not Amazon. Changing the item page to show the part number is a good idea I'll talk to our team about incorporating into that workflow.

As always, any user is free to link to a specific part somewhere else if iFixit does not carry it and they know of a good source!


@scotth I did what I did with the Pavilion 15 guide at the time because I don't like most aftermarket batteries and the descent ones like the Duracell sold at Batteries Plus compete with OEM pricing on some machines.

With that battery example I'm damned if I link the OEM (cost) and I'm damned if I find a knockoff with descent reviews and it turns out to be a complete piece of crap. Damned if you do, damned if you don't - you can have the part number and deal with it yourself. Finding a good pack I like is not worth the hassle for me most of the time because the cost of testing 3rd party packs and "blessing" some would be about as much as a OEM or potentially an entire laptop with a good one on the older ones from the Sandy-Haswell era - and they could reduce the quality with zero warning AND NOW I need to do it again.

In the case of Lenovo ThinkPad XX30-present machines, the battery is authenticated with a challenge response, and block charging if it fails. It may work, but if they update the EC firmware that closes an exploit they relied on in that pack run, that could/will break it. The challenge response needs to be decrypted, andit could be a legal nightmare for a US seller if they get caught selling "decrypted" batteries. Of course it isn't an issue in China because it's harder to ding the sellers of the compatible packs because it's a part of the culture. Lenovo probably no longer cares if you decrypt an XX30-40 battery, but for a XX50-present they almost certainly do. Anyone picking up a T440p knows to find one with a good OEM battery or get a cloned pack if it's DOA - the OEM cost is in the hundreds even on old machines like that and it costs more then anyone who can find a really good price on one will pay for the machine.


@scotth - No one is forcing you to go to that level.

Leave the parts page with the photos and just list the part number. You don't need to link to Amazon at all, and just winging it to someone who is listed on Amazon is not the best solution either, as they often disappear or no longer carry the part!

If you want to help others, just put the home page URL to the real parts houses listed out with the simple statement for the person to plug in to their search the Apple P/N. We all know the real ones!


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@scotth - As a side note: Even the EPA is finding fake goods on Amazon & eBay! EPA tells Amazon and eBay to stop selling fake coronavirus-killing products

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