Issue when saving a guide containing specific links

Hi iFixit team,

I was translating this device page into french :

But after I saved the translation on the iFixit website I observed that a link was changed unexpectedly.

The device page contain a link to a newegg page :

This link :

But after saving the page (or after generating a preview) the link is silently modified by the ifixit server :

By this link :

Their is two problem with this :

1) The site is intercepting the original link.

2) domain suffer a negative reputation and is blocked by lot’s of adblockers. Also, is blocked by OpenDNS because the domain is flagged in the Advertising category.

So I analysed what changed the link and I determined that the change was made by the iFixit server while saving the modifications.

Here is a screen captures showing the http query in my web browser with the good link sent to the ifixit server (when I generate a preview of the device page):

URL and headers :

Block Image

Content sent to the iFixit server (good link is indicated by the red arrows in the picture) :

Block Image

Content received in the server response (html bad link is showned in orange in the picture) :

Block Image

So here is my question : why is this link changed when I save a device page ?

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Note : if you use ublock origin, it hide automaticaly the generated link.


Hi Brendan,

Thanks for working on translations! I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. I'll let our devs know.


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