Feedback: Please, add Live Chat support for iFixit Canada Store

Hello! I clicked on “Feedback” which is in the website’s footer, so here I am! ;)

Please, add live chat for iFixit Canada Store, because I’m currently trying to get an RMA because they sent me an “A1375” battery instead of the “A1495” one I ordered.

Live Chat would be useful because this issue is very weird:

  • A1375 isn’t listed at all on the Canadian store.
  • The SKU (I guess those are your own SKUs…) on the box is the right one that is listed on the website for the A1495, but it’s definitely not what I got.

Now, I have to play ping-pong with emails, and waiting for a second reply so I can add details or fix typos I made in a previous mail, etc.

Please, add Live Chat. I’m really disappointed. I think it’s my first part order (I did order tools in the past), and I have to say I’m disappointed so far.

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Hi Philippe,

Thank you for your feedback! I will contact our Customer Support team about this issue.


It has been fixed though; the issue with my order I mean... I'm now waiting for a new package.


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