It's all about patrolling

In order to keep edits on open-source and high quality, we use an approval process based on reputation score to make sure they meet a certain standard. The act of approving edits to guides and other documents is called patrolling.

We’ve been seeing some discussion around here regarding who can and cannot approve edits. In fact, anyone can approve edits to a document if the document has a reputation threshold that’s below their account’s reputation. Currently, the standard reputation threshold required to approve changes to a new guide is set to 500, but guide authors can edit these permissions in the „Details” tab of the guide creation or edit interface.

As for making edits, anyone with an iFixit account can suggest changes to a document, regardless of their reputation score. The score will only influence whether your edits go live immediately or have to pass by patrolling before. You can always increase your reputation score and unlock more Patrolling powers by contributing to the community.

You can learn more about Patrolling here:

Feel free to post your patrolling question here or email me at

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