Mac Mini HDD/RAM upgrade suggestion

I just purchased and install both the HDD and RAM upgrade kits and am nothing but absolutely pleased with both (and the guides).

However, there is one suggestion I would make that would have been _even moar awesome_: it would have been great to have mention in the guides or product kit that I should consider replacing the PRAM battery as well.

Given that iFixit can likely guess that a machine is +3 years old (by virtue of knowing the model for which the upgrade kits are purchased), then for most users the PRAM battery is likely candidate for replacement as well. I didn’t even think to have a replacement purchased and ready to go until I received my HDD+RAM upgrade kits and proceeded to install them. Once I had the Mini completely open and upgraded, I realized that I should have ordered the battery ahead of time.

Now my mini sits on the desk, still disassembled but already upgraded; awaiting the (slow) delivery of a PRAM battery from Amazon.

Even better than a casual mention in the guides would be to have the appropriate batteries sold by iFixit (and thus recommended automatically during product checkout).

Even moar better would be for the batteries to be included for free (or discounted), since they’re just a couple dollars. ;)

But make no mistake, my entire experience with the research, order, products and guides including installation was nothing less than fantastic!

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Hi Jason,

I'm so glad to hear you had a great experience with iFixit, and we appreciate your feedback!


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