Flex Extension too Wide

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I recently purchased the pro tech toolkit and have been happy with the wide selection and flexibility it provides. However I recently ran into a problem. I was disassembling a broken air purifier when I came across a couple screws with security torx heads hiding inside a 3 inch narrow tube. I busted out the trusty pro tech toolkit, only to discover that the Flex Extension tool’s grips at each end made the entire shaft too wide to fit in the hole. I permanently removed the grip from the business end and it worked fine, but I was a little surprised that the tool itself wasn’t disassemblable. If I missed something and the grips on the end are removable let me know that I’m wrong, or if y’all have another tool that will do this job but isn’t in the kit, but otherwise I thought it might be a good idea to implement on future kits.

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Hi sreskimo,

Thank you for your feedback! Sorry to hear about the difficulty with the Flex Extension. I'll pass this along to our tool development team.


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