Feature Request: Search and Filters on Smartphone Repairability

The Smartphone Repairability Scores are a great resource, but not the easiest to use. One can only sort by score and release date. Sort by “score” gives you all the great repairable phones, but often those are from as much as a decade ago and may no longer be suitable for many users (or accepted by many carriers). Sort by “release date” shows you all the phones from the last couple of years, but most of them have terrible scores, and it’s a rare user that comes to that page looking for a hard-to-repair phone.

The questions one usually has arriving at that page are (1) “What’s a relatively recent phone that is relatively repairable?” or (2) “How repairable is XXX phone?”

Question (1) would be answered by filters (probably via a range-slider UI widget) for each of release date and repairability. Question (2) would be answered easily by a text search via manufacturer+model.

Especially because one is operating on a small database on a table in the page, the required software engineering time is likely to be pretty limited.

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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your suggestion! I'll pass this along to someone on our team, and I'll let you know what they think.


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