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For the repair guides - what dimension are the screws measured in?

Would I need a digital caliper to differentiate?

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Hello @infmswsr ,

In general, guides can follow a few different formats. Guides written by our iFixit team should specify which units the screws are measured in. Within community written guides, things can be less clear. You could try commenting on a guide to find out this bit of information and hopefully the author replies to you in a timely manner.

Using a digital caliper would be the most precise way to get a measurement, but any ruler with mm, cm, and inches will work, too!

I hope this answers your question, let me know if you have more!

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Usually screws are measured by thicknees and length, so you can shop for wooden screws of 4 by 2 1/2, meaning 4mm thick X 2 1/2 inches long.


@infmswsr careful with that. Not all manuals on here measure the screw diameter. You will find that most of them actually measure the length. Sometimes you can differentiate by checking the accompanying images. If in doubt, ask.


@oldturkey03 I usually don't notate it, so I tell my readers to sort it as if they were mirroring the original device as much as I can as well.

As far as my sorting, depends on the device - if I know they're the same, I put them in the same pile. If there's a difference I know where the long and short screw goes enough of the time I can have 2 piles. If it's something like an HP with mixed screws I put the long ones in first to make it easier.

Sometimes if it's a noteworthy difference (Ex: DVD drive screw) I'll take a photo with it, but if it's something like the 840 G3's magnesium subframe, it says 2.5x5 or 2.5x7 and thin means 2.5x7 and 2.5x5 is the "common" screw covering 95% of them.


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