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Saving our small blue planet from our selves!

I wish more people wake up!

We’re Screwed! How to unscrew

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Well, this is 100% the sort of article that I open and I say, “I’ll read one paragraph and finish it later.” and then I didn't–I just read the whole thing now.

The author has a great point. People need to check themselves. I think one big flaw in most people, is that they think they’re not (personally) making that big of an impact so they don’t need to stop doing x, y, or z… someone else will stop! But we’re all the problem.

Thank you for sharing, @danj- I think we all need to read this once a month to remind us of why we do what we do even when it gets hard.

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@amber - Yes! We all have to do our part of now wasting resources. And we need to get the companies to stop spinning their PR green washing how good they are when in fact all they've done is push the problem on to their customers!

Apple is clearly in the lead here! There is a lot of bad under that white wash of green they profess so hard! But its not Apple alone! Its all companies and governments as well.


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