New Button (Content) on /Answers!

Hi Meta!
Not sure if anyone has noticed, but we updated the “Learn How It Works” button at the top of the Answers Forum.

Block Image

This will hopefully give our users a quick and easy spot to troubleshoot some common questions they may have about our forum. It might also be useful for you to help direct folks there if they seem confused.

If you think something is missing or worded in an odd way, let me know!


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@amber "Learn How It Works" not very descriptive about what It is and not an obvious button that I would use :-) remember we are dealing with a lot of people that still post Questions as Comments or Answers to a device that may be similar etc.

Just my 2 cents


@oldturkey03 Thanks for your 2 cents! All feedback is valuable!

I'll think on that and try to figure out a different name for the button. Any suggestions?


Maybe "How to Post"?


@andrewsawesome Great suggestion, thank you!


@ambertaus "posting etiqutte", "how to post like a pro", "the manual of posting", "the art of posting"


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