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How to sort devices into categories properly?

I recently did a repair on an Oukitel WP5 Pro, and as I usually do when I repair a device that does not have a guide, I like to write one.

There is only one other Oukitel device guide on iFixit. As far as I can tell, the convention for organization in this area goes Device > Phone > Android Phone > [brand] > [model].

However, on the Android Phone page (Android Phone) there are exceptions for devices that are the only one under that brand. In this case, the Oukitel K10000 MAX linked above is a standalone model because there are no other options currently for it's brand.

As I am making a second Oukitel repair guide, I would like to respect the organization convention and post my guide under Device > Phone > Android Phone > Oukitel > Oukitel WP5 Pro. However, I do not know how to make a category or sort the one existing Oukitel guide into it.

Is there anyone who can either explain to me how to do so, or to implement this change if it requires admin/mod permissions, so that my new guide will respect the formatting conventions that already exist?

Thanks so much for any help!

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Categories are technically the same thing as devices. So if you create a device page under a name like „Oukitel Phone“ and sort it under Android Phone, it’ll act as a category that you can sort devices into. As far as guidelines go, there is a Device Nomenclature you should adhere to, but as for the rest, you can just try to keep it looking similar to other pages.

If you don’t know how to categorize pages:

Block Image

You have to specify a category in the text box pictured in red. Note that you need to enter the actual name, not the display name of a category. If you go to edit a category page you can see the actual name at the top of the page (where I highlighted in green). Once you do that, it'll be put in the patrol queue and be reviewed by an admin (It’ll tell you something like „Pending review: CategoryName“ if it got added to the queue). This can take some time, as the admins typically categorize on Thursdays.

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