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Are your parts original apple parts or copy?

Hello, I want to buy iPhone 4 display with glass(white). I bought one from local store and it was not original. So I want to know about your display([product|IF182-003]). Is it original, and if not, please send me tech specs of it. Thx a lot.



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Hi, I would also like to know if the parts sold here are original or aftermarket.

I know you answered by saying that the specific part is assembled from original parts, but that is confusing since I have not heard of that being done. I just found this sight and am very excited about it, and honestly I do not care much if it is original or high quality aftermarket, but if I am to start using this sight's products in my business I will need to know how to the origin of the parts in order to properly advertise and inform my customers on the in depth level they deserve to know when spending their hard earned dollars. So I guess my question is how can you say that it is assembled from original parts? And from the sound of the answer it seems like each part may be different in its origin. Can you please further elaborate on how we know what we are buying when we buy from this site.

Thank you!

Again, great site and I am planning on using it for a lot in the future.


To make it easier:

1) What does assembled from original parts actually mean?

2) Do the different parts offered on you site have different origins (places of production)?

3) If the parts are of differing origins, is there a list of the origins? Or how do we as customers find out the origin of your various products?

When I say origin I am not asking for your supplier, I am just using the term for a lack of better term. What I am looking for is if the product is all original, made up of original parts (which I'm not sure what that means), or aftermarket parts.

Thanks again


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That specific part is assembled from original parts. All of these displays have been individually tested by a member of our staff. It comes with a 6 month warranty and if for some reason you are not satisfied with it, you can return it for a refund.


The answer to your question really depends on what you are looking for in an OEM part. To iFixit, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) means that part has been manufactured and assembled by the company responsible for supplying the part under contract from the purchaser. For example, Foxconn makes a lot of parts under contract for Apple products so anything made under that contract is an OEM part. Anything that is not manufactured and assembled completely by the OEM is not a true OEM part by definition.

I'll use an iPhone 4 Display Assembly as an example. That part is made up of several components including the digitizer/front panel, Retina LCD, bezel (used to attach the assembly to the mid-frame), speaker mesh (covers the earpiece hole), camera lens bezel (holds the front camera in place when assembled). For that part to be a true OEM part, all those components would need to have been manufactured and assembled by the OEM themselves. The part we sell has had the bezel, speaker mesh and camera lens bezel assembled by a different party. It still has an original Retina LCD but by definition is not an OEM part.

To answer your questions specifically:

1. I think that example clarifies what assembled from OEM parts mean.

2. Yes, we source parts from a variety of sources in order ensure the best quality parts are reaching our customer. We are constantly evaluating our suppliers and making sure that what we sell is better than what you can find elsewhere.

3. We don't list the products origin as it changes. If a customer wants to know about a specific part they are free to contact us and ask.

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