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Can I travel on an airplane with my iFixit tools?

Specifically concerned about my Pro Tech Tool Kit and its contents. If I can't bring these things through security because of the tweezers or some other reason, then would I be able to bring a "Fix Kit" for a iPhone 5C LCD replacement?

If not we need to amend our air-travel laws...

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Ben's right—for checked baggage, you can bring just about anything. If you want it in your carry-on, the answer is, it depends.

Our Pro Tech Toolkit has gone through several iterations, some of which were more TSA-friendly than others. So rather than give you a blanket "yes" or "no," here are some data points.

First, the rules are different depending on where you travel, and they change fairly frequently. For flights in the USA, you can find a list of prohibited items here: - Prohibited Items

In particular, see the carry-on restrictions for Tools and Sharp Objects. Technically, screwdrivers/wrenches/pliers less than seven inches in length are allowed. BUT, it also notes:

The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.

What that means is that regardless of what the rules say, your TSA officer makes the final call. They make a lot of judgment calls and their decisions aren't always 100% consistent. But they have a tough job, and if their decision doesn't go your way I would recommend that you don't contest it.

Anecdotally, we've traveled a lot with our Pro-Tech kits with very few problems. You'll need to remove the Tech Knife and/or Jimmy before you pack, but everything else is usually okay. We had a metal spudger confiscated on a flight back from Australia once, so there are no guarantees. If that sort of thing would really ruin your day, I'd suggest checking your bag.

Safe travels!

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Pretty sure you can bring it in luggage but not carry on luggage

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Just want to add my experience...for what it's worth. CHECK THE IFIXIT.

I recently traveled to/from MHT and MIA, but frequently travel to/from MHT and ILM as well as CLT. Ever since acquiring this gem of a toolkit, not once have I made it through the TSA process without getting pulled aside and have my backpack torn apart. Seems all TSA employees love this toolkit too! :0) I haven't had anything confiscated. In the end, I usually make day or overnight trips - this extra attention is almost ridiculous enough to make me start considering checking a bag (with just the toolkit in it).

Safe travels.

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