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'reputation' points lowered, whole graph affected


For a while now I've noticed that my reputation points are intermittently being lowered, sometimes by only 12 or 24 points but today it was 54.

In my case it also translates down the graph, so that the previous days' total points amount is lowered by the same amount, not just the day that it happened, keeping the day totals on the graph, always the same points distance apart.

Should this be happening or should only the day on which the points are lowered be the only one to change?

As an aside the only reason that I can see for losing the 54 points today is that the Answer accepted count has gone down 1, so I suppose Answer unaccepted + 2 undo upvotes somewhere = 54 points. I don't know, as undo upvotes are not shown in Activity).

It may have happened here in this question/answer. The answer is shown as unaccepted 3 days ago (see bottom image) and no points were deducted then and it is not showing up in Activity as unaccepted and it still shows up as the Chosen Solution??

Other than this anomaly I am none the wiser.

Here is an example of it with the images to show what I mean.

Block Image

Block Image

today before the markdown

Block Image

Block Image

today after the markdown

Block Image

Update 13/02/2017


Today I received an email from Ifixit Meta regarding my question. It states that 2 weeks have gone by since I posted with no response. Unless I am mistaken I originally posted the question only 5 days ago. I realize that as I get older time goes past more quickly but...

Here is the opening quote from the email.

"Hi jayeff,

One of your questions has gone two weeks without any answers.

Updating your question with more information might help the community solve your problem.....

Answered! View the answer I have this problem too

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Hi @jayeff, thanks for reporting this! I am looking into this problem for you. Please let me know if any more issues arise/if you have any more details to add!


Hi @rachel ,


It dropped 12 pts all the way down again yesterday 23.2.17 (my time +8.00 GMT) but don't know why.

My 200 pts/day count seems to commence at 1500 hrs AWST everyday, presumably when your servers do their updates. Is it done at 0200 hrs MT?

Noticed the last points change down seemed to have occurred at 1500 hrs local or close to it as I wasn't really watching for it, just noticed it around that time. Understandable if servers update some info at this time

Will keep you informed if I can spot any thing else that may be of help.



Hi @rachel ,

It just dropped 12 pts again,(27.02.2017) this time after the 200 pts/day max was reached (+14 pts was the last pts addition at 2042 hrs local, as that made the 200 pts I suppose).

As it happened sometime between 2042-2200 hrs local (I noticed the drop at 2159 hrs local), it doesn't appear to be associated with the time when I think that my 200 pts/day count is reset i.e. 1500 hrs local



Hey Jayeff, we're looking into it, but so far we haven't been able to reproduce =T We may have some issues with moderation actions affecting rep (spam users being banned etc), which might mean the drop in rep is "legit" we don't want to keep counting "bad" actions. However, if we find out our math is wrong and we owe you rep, we'll definitely be correcting the count to give your rep back! =)


Hi @sam,

Thanks for that.

Not really a problem for me if points are being deducted. Points are nice but are not my 'raison d'ĂȘtre' to be on Ifixit. I was just wondering why every day on the whole graph was affected by the same amount and not just the day on which it occurred.




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I'm not sure this is an actual bug, it's just that that graph isn't a very accurate representation of what your reputation was at a specific spot.

While we record exactly what second you did a reputation action, when graph the data, we have to approximate the times that things happen because there are too many data points for the extremely active users. We end up grouping by day and storing it separately.

This means, when you look at the graph, there can be some odd spots to it. We're approximating things so that we can show you a pretty picture but to do it quickly there's some tradeoffs.

What numbers we do really pay attention to are the "Reputation Breakdown"

Block Image

Those should always be an accurate representation of what we think your reputation should be.

Right now it looks like things are all correct. Your graph shows the correct rep, your sidebar show the correct total and the breakdown adds everything up.

Block Image

You're totally correct that the graph isn't always showing the correct values for the past 24 hours b/c we have to approximate things. I'd guess we might have a bug with timezones (its really, really hard to do right) and we don't always get yesterday's and today's reputation events quite merged, which causes some different numbers depending on what time you look at it.

On the plus side, we seem to be tracking and totally the reputation correctly outside of that graph. It's a bug but I'm pretty sure it's not actually changing anyone's reputation, it's just we aren't able to render the graph super accurately.

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