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Any Amazon link being marked as spam

I was notified by a couple of our habitual users that they were having trouble posting likns to places like Amazon Ebay etc. I've tried to post an Amazon link on this question and immediately received "422


Your content was marked as spam by our automated moderation system."

@sam @kaykay @jeffsu let us know if this is intentional or if this is iRobot flexing its muscle :-) Knowing what links to post, more importantly knowing which once not to post, will help us to stay "clean".

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Hey @oldturkey03 ,

This is an inadvertent side effect of some heavy-handed spam filtering we were forced to implement last week. We'll take a look at iRobot's trigger words and see if we can dial the settings in just right. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for keeping us informed :)

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@evan thanks for handling it. I know you guys are going to come up with some resolution of this issue.


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@evan Would there be an easy way for the SPAM filter to check the reputation score of a poster and have a sliding scale. So the higher the reputation, the less likely it would be to mark it as SPAM?

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We can certainly look into that. Unfortunately, that wouldn't solve the issue of new users (primarily students) who make accounts then post links to their devices before acquiring any rep. That being said, if we can make life easier for our power users it'd be worth it. I'll talk to our backend folks and see if we can work something out.

We're actively in the process of working out the best way to keep spam off the site, and we are all ears if you have any more suggestions.


@evan The SPAM filter is really out of control. Regular poster are having a hard time doing their job. Please Fix it!


@mayer We're working on it. We had to be very, very aggressive and move fast b/c they were getting pretty fancy about getting around our filters.

We have a fix in the pipeline. It should go out in the next week or so and help with the false spam flagging.


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oldturkey03 will be eternally grateful.