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Presentation of finished repaired Machines

I'm watching TV and notice that on Counting Cars and American Restoration, the guys always make a presentation of the finished product.

Now I always clean the machine and the monitor before delivering. Print an invoice and place it in the machine, close it up and put it on the shelf for delivery.

I usually know when my customer is coming so should I just pull it off the shelf or have it on and running, change the desktop if it is just a standard background?

Any suggestions?

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@mayer my repairs are strictly pro bono and I am not a pro. What I do when I either return or have a piece of equipment being picked up after repair, I do show off the repair by turning it on and have the "customer" check the equipment. That way any questions or doubts can be immediately addressed and makes for a better customer relationship. I also always return any parts I've replaced to the customer. Most of the time they do not want it, but know that there is no "funny" business going on. It adds the personal touch to the repair.

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I usually have a bag with the old parts there. I usually try to boot it up in front of them and explain anything like anti-virus software that I've installed.But a lot of times this turns into 30-45minutes of my time when they start asking about how to run other programs and I don't get paid for that time. that can take longer than the original repair and it's very difficult to ask for compensation for that time.


I agree but that time is well spend to ensure that these will become repeat customers. Try to get in touch, or create a computer software center that you can refer people to. Customers will be receptive to a place where they can learn about their software etc., if the referral is made by someone they trust :-)


@oldturkey03 - Very good idea! Setting up a web site to advertise your services could also have a hidden or user sign in area where you could host the answers to their basic questions and even offer a small blog. That way you can politely break away by aiming them to it.


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I basically do the same when I do someones personal system. Depending on what I've done I often supply a USB thumb drive with the OS I installed when I upgrade it.

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