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Comments and answers on meta being marked as spam

Non spammy comments are being marked as spam. Can someone solve this for me?

@pccheese This just further proves my point of private communication. I could talk to @oldturkey03 or @mayer and have them solve it and not have this.

By the way, whats above is the answer marked for spam.

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I know. I tried to connect with @oldturkey03 on Skype but that never happened. I get hit by @irobot often, sometimes on both sites. When that happens I'm out of order until someone hears my distress call. Besides, Oldturkey03 and Mayer can only un-delete comments, not fix iRobot's anti-spam error.


I forgot to mention, I noticed this last time that iRobot hit me hard. You can respond to the email you get when iRobot slams you.


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@sam @evan can you two experts help a cool dude out? I am a big supporter of iRobot and am sure that this must have been @cam2363 fault for being marked as spam.....;-)


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Hey guys!

Sorry about that Cameron!

We're not as quick on the draw about Meta spam, 'cause it almost never happens. I'm not entirely sure what triggered the robot in the first place, but it did its job by blocking repeated attempts to break through (unfortunately for legitimate users!). I've corrected all the decisions (on iFixit and Meta), and you should be good to go in the future.

I super appreciate your patience in this, and I do promise you we're doing this for the good of the community, we're trying to keep Answers, Meta and other content from the great floods of Live Stream, Customer Support, and Voodoo love spell spam of yore!!

I went ahead and archived your post on iFixit Answers, hope that's okay =)

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Well @irobot, can you give me my 200 rep points back?

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@cam2363 trust me iRobot won't. Way to proud for that. Our real experts @sam or @evan might do it since these two have it in with iRobot;-)


You should be all good. Sorry for the robot attack!


@evan Thanks! I still dont have those rep points back. Not sure if it takes a while or something. Thanks for your help Evan. Robots are taking over the world!


@evan take a look @cam2363 rep points. Looks like iRobot struck again.....


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