Release Notes: August 2017, Part 1

Site Improvements

  • The +30 rep earned from getting an "Answer Accepted" is now exempt from daily rep limiting.
  • We improved the Guide time range slider. Now, the slider will:
    • No longer auto-change to a single knob if the minimum value is 0
    • Conditionally expand upwards if the single knob is at the minimum value
    • Preserve both slider positions when toggling between single times and ranges

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a featured guide would not link to that guide.
  • Fixed a bug on the product page where entering an invalid product option showed a 'No Image' placeholder.
  • Fixed the layering of elements on device pages so that the Parts & Tools Dropdown is no longer hidden behind device banners.
  • Out of stock products will no longer be featured on the front page.
  • Fixed a bug that allows you to add links to anchor tags on your current page without the wiki exploding. Previously, URLs that linked to anchor tags on the same page broke.
  • We fixed a couple bugs with the username autocompleter, so that you can now successfully mention other members using the `@` symbol followed by their username.
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So you're saying we can get more than 200 per day for accepted answers? I want to make sure I heard that right.


@pccheese...really? This again?


@lexahall Thank you Ma'am! @pccheese I am in a donating mood If you would like some points let me know bro, I see if I can donate those to you. Trust me, that is not what matters. Not in the least ;-)@theimedic you got that right ;-)


I'll believe when I see it. Now the Ace of Answers only works half the time. Oldturkey hasn't gotten a nice answer badge since 11/1/16. Sorry, I'm a little hostile on this since it's been going on for 8 years and I'm tired and grouchy, obviously


@oldturkey03 Your back! Glad to see you and your family is doing fine. Is it too bad there now?

@theimedic I don't consider it too important, but it does serve a purpose. The most important kind of rep is you or @mayer saying "Good job" to one of my answers. But I like for average people to be able to take advise from me instead of the guy who will answer one question then never come back.


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