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How do you deal with a helpful spammer?

@mayer @oldturkey03 @danj

I noticed recently that a particular user (Kaye - @ ets) is always linking parts from eTradeSupply in his/her answers. Otherwise, the user is somewhat helpful and respectful, even if the answers aren't always "great" or are often "me too". Then it hit me, they work for eTradeSupply!

I slotted a few answers for moderation but this might be a heavy handed approach. That said, they might only be "helping" in order to plug eTradeSupply. I don't have anything against eTrade. I just think it's "not quite right" to plug their products here on a consistent and regular basis. They just need to set up their own fixit site IMO if they want that benefit. Perhaps someone with recognized authority should have a chat with them.

Full disclosure - I've used ETS before and was satisfied. I only link external suppliers when the part is unavailable at iFixit or has poor availability in general.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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I've complained about this user a little too. They ended up changing their username from @etradesupply to just @ets.


@pccheese Interesting, I never really paid attention to him/her because the answers were usually just so-so. But today I finally had an epiphany ;>).


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I thinks it's great if they allow us to go onto their site and post our SPAM there.

@refectio please give us a link to her profile so we can take a look

I'm also helpful on the site, but don't put links in to my company, do you


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@ets Repent or get banned. If you don't clean it up, I will!

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That's a good question Mayer. I don't link to my website (not good form) but I occasionally link to my profile. I don't "hawk" (contrary to what Scott implied the other day) my services but on some occasions, when the OP insists on "who can do this?", I will say that "I can, as do others on this forum" and link my profile.

Hopefully that's okay.


@refectio you are ok. I originally kept an eye on your answers and have not seen any where you linked to your profile without giving other options as well.


Out of the first six posts I just looked at by this person, five of them were SPAM and I deleted them. I also posted a suggestion that they take this as a warning and police their own answers. I think we should give them a chance to repent before banning them ;-)


Done the same and I agree.


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