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To the students who work on these Device pages

This is in relation to these pages:

Xbone Model 1708

Xbone Elite controller

If someone from iFixit can pass this onto the students that are planning on working on this, I'd appreciate it.

I don't anticipate the students will want to intentionally risk hard bricking a controller to validate my procedure on controller firmware recovery (even though this is supposedly impossible). If you aren't trying to recover one that's like this to validate the procedure, please do not change the formatting I used to outline how to do it. With that being said, I understand if you want to revise the writing or correct a fatal mistake that I may have made when writing my instructions.

I'm fairly confident nothing major will need to be done to the procedure I outlined, but if something has to be revised I would prefer the platform specific separation is preserved if this is possible. If not, then I would like it to stay as close as possible to the original formatting I used right now. I did this split intentionally, since the procedure to do this successfully varies from each platform I covered that is known to work.

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Hello Nick!

Thanks for dropping a note. We appreciate all the great content and thoughtful formatting you have created. We've made a note of this to our students, so they are aware. They shouldn't be changing your structure or content, as the parts of the controller they are addressing should be completely different and separate. In the off-chance that something gets edited accidentally or incorrectly, just let us know and we can address it. Thanks!

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I figured that would be the case, but I left this note to make sure this concern about the controller recovery information is known. That's the major area I'm concerned with since the rest is more or less generic or spread across multiple device pages.


And I have a concern with one of the edits they made. See here:

The driver fix was removed, but seeing as I updated this anyway the removal isn't a problem - all I had to do was copy the new version over and make it Elite specific (I also modified it to be Elite specific, since the controller is so different). On top of that I split the driver fix and PC Use lines into individual groups. In this case (because I made so many changes), the old and new versions are so different it can't be compared.

As for the PC Use section I'm going to put something together for a proposal, since I do not own one and don't know why it was removed. I have some ideas, though. I don't want to do anything major because I don't know the exact reason. I put something together so there's a descent starting point and I will leave that to the students to fix since I don't know what the reason is. I'm going to propose something that merges the General information with the Elite specific information and removes the final remains of the copy/paste content I used as a stopgap.

The firmware update portion was moved to the Troubleshooting Wiki, so no harm no foul since it was a false flag - it was just in a location I didn't think to check at first. While nothing major happened to the 1708 page, I did make some minor updates to give the students working on it a better starting point then when it was flagged.


Here is the proposal I have for the students working on the Elite controller page. If they like it as-is, let me know. If not, it's open to interpretation. If I missed anything, let me know.

PC Use

This controller is a very popular choice for PC gaming, since most games work with this controller without Xinput emulation. While the Xbox controller is popular because the overwhelming majority of games are supported, DirectInput games are incompatible.

The Elite controller supports additional features that are unique to this controller. Along with supporting all of the standard features found on the Standard controller, the Elite controller allows the user to save 2 controller maps on the controller for on the fly switching. This feature is useful for gamers who want to have their preferred custom maps available all the time without being dependent on using the PC or console these maps were created on.

To use custom mapping on the PC, you will need to download the Xbox Accessories application. For PC gamers who want to use this feature, this essentially makes Windows 10 a requirement.


Another update. My driver installation fix was moved to the troubleshooting page.

At this point I think it was an inital misunderstanding about the direction I wanted to go with staying as close to the original as practically possible.


Hey Nick—thanks for all your input. The content you are adding is really valuable to users. It seems like we had a bit of serendipitous timing—students starting to work on these controllers right at the same time as you. We sent the students a request not to alter your content (and if they do make major changes, we’re happy to restore your content and work through that). However, we’d like to ask that you let them work through it, by not editing the content while they’re working on it. This is a learning experience for them and part of their classwork. We’re guiding them through, and while they aren’t going to be the expert you are, we want them to have the experience of crafting the content and working through some of the challenges. We’re happy to have you make any changes/updates after it is complete and would be happy to help with that process. Thanks for your patience.


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