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Ban this user as a spammer

@sam are you back at work? We need to get the moderator powers that we talked about at the conference implemented.

@evan we are under attack!

I've banned three new users in the last ten minutes, the spammer keeps creating new accounts.

four, 10/12 /17 five , seven, nine, thirteen, 14, 17


Answer this question I have this problem too

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I wonder if he's creating a new email account each time.


@mayer I killed off a few answers didn't kill the users as each was only one or two posts. I think it was three users.


@danj That's the problem, if we don't kill them today........... @sam


@mayer - This is a tough question when to just kill the answer Vs kill the user.

If we could tell it was the same person creating multiple users that I agree killing off the users with just one or two spam questions makes sense (being the same creator).

If its just a single time by the one user (creator) a slap should suffice.

The ones that post a stream thats a no brainer, Kill them!


@danj that's why we need the modifications to the ban power so we have options. Right now there's no way to just slap a hand, we have to cut it off and we have to make that decision on the spot.


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@mayer everyone of those has been taken care of. TPTB seem to have deserted us (maybe we misbehaved and are no longer liked;-) and we just have to continue to be vigilant and use whatever powers we have.

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Maybe where undergoing some secret test to see how well we fare without any of the TPTB.


Kinda like Minho and the gang in The Maze Runner, it's all just a test! <smile>

You guys need to watch the movie, I'm awesome in it ;>).


We still like you, promise! Evan is back at school and working part-time, so he's not as available as he was this summer. I'll chat with Sam about mod powers. Thanks for being patient with us.


@kaykay thanks. Best of luck to Evan. @pccheese you know what, not a bad idea. How about we just try for a while to make it without TPTB ? I am sure we can do it while those guys try to get their heads above water......


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