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How to help a business to become more visible?

Above all you need a website. It is critical to being found in your average person's search to repair their Mac. You can do this with blogger.

@mayer I'm pretty sure if my 73 year old grandpa can do it you can. It's unlikely but if my Dad says it's OK I could help create it. Twitter definitely isn't what I'd use, Facebook is useful only to move you up in web results and people looking on Facebook for Mac repair. I hate social media, but many use it to find businesses like yours.

I know I've said it 5 times, but I'd never find you unless I was looking for you. No one asks their friends anymore, no one drives around looking for somewhere to fix their Mac (In which case they wouldn't find you because until now no sign). They Google search it.

Here's the basics on how to create a blogger website.

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As much as I hate Facebook and their abuses of user privacy, I'd probably go that route over a blog. Yelp may be helpful too.


@nick I mention blogger because it can be used to make a nice website. It doesn't have to make a blog just because that's what it was originally design for.


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George this is so thoughtful of you, I really appreciate it so much, Your concerned support really touches my heart. Well I'm going to have to look at the link in the morning. it's late and you put this very large lump in my throat. See you tomorrow.

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@mayer I like your new profile picture :-)

Did you check out blogger yet?


You look so young...who's the older (smiling) guy with you in the picture?


@refectio I don't know who the older guy is, but he sure is handsome. ;-)


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