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Error when I try to pass or fail patrols

If I try to pass or fail patrols Chrome gives me a me a message saying:

'' says:

Unknown Error.''

Anyone know anything about this?

My Rep on iFixit is 362


Block Image

And here is console after clicking accept.

[Violation] Forced reflow while executing JavaScript took 31ms

en:1293 POST 403 (Forbidden)

g.send @ en:1293

send @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:228

d.extend.$owner @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:84

send @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:327

(anonymous) @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:992

f @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:584

t @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:586

g @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:585

send @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:992

d.extend.$owner @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:84

d @ id-patrol.js[5S2yIO0v5RBr7_-Y2w2c7Q]:1

(anonymous) @ id-patrol.js[5S2yIO0v5RBr7_-Y2w2c7Q]:1

b @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:176

u @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:180

l @ en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:170

en-global.js[SQ7Vz8IVzTRv3G9L9HpmNQ]:585 [Violation] 'setTimeout' handler took 11454ms

Sorry about length, couldnt figure out how to upload file!


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Answered! View the answer I have this problem too

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2 Answers

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Hey Aiden!

Sorry to hear that. I've sent this issue over to our Dev team for further investigation. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. If you have any screenshots that show the error message, attaching them would be helpful.


Kay-Kay Clapp

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Ill get a screenshot momentarily


Thanks Aiden!




Ok, now I get insufficient privileges error when trying to patrol even though my rep is higher than the editor.


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Hi Aiden!

We fixed the bug but it looks like you're misunderstanding our rep system. Each patrol item has an associated reputation threshold required to accept or deny that revision. In this case, the patrol threshold was 500 rep so you did not meet the requirements(but you'll get there soon!).

We may consider displaying the reputation threshold for a given pending revision but that could present some security vulnerabilities.

Thanks for helping curate our site! We appreciate your help.

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Ok Why would that introduce security vulnerabilities though isn't it just inserting text?


We may not want all users to know what our rep thresholds are. It would make it easier to determine what content would be easiest to target with spam.

We'll discuss it. I'll get back to you.


But why would spammers work their way up to 500 rep just to spam? I mean, it seems you have to put a lot work into getting up to 500...


@captainsnowball They've started spamming at more than 500. It happens.


ok I now have 509 rep. it still says insufficient privileges.


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