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iPhone 5S totally damaged after following one of your guides

Thanks a bunch, guys! I tried replacing the battery on my iPhone 5S using one of your guides, but the touch screen wouldn't work. Tried a hard reboot, nothing. Sighing, I tried prying open the phone again, but it literally flew to pieces, with connectors coming undone and the battery connector cover flying off God knows where! Now I have a completely useless piece of junk! I will NEVER use this site or recommend anyone here ever again! What an idiot I was to think I could fix it myself! I hate you,!

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Jeez! I removed and fixed a stuck sim card in my phone so I thought I could replace my iPhone 5s battery to fix the latest problem created by Apple. I ordered the fixit battery with toolkit, watched the video and read he steps in writing detailed below the video. I could not get the sticking stuff out to release the battery! The video and instructions really needed more magnified and better help. Sooooo, in my attempts to free the old battery, I managed to puncture the old battery causing sparks and vapor!!! My phone is now wrapped in a ziplock on my porch! Complaint #1 Apple should have given free batteries and changing service to everyone! Wealth is good, but Apple greed is grotesque #2 I live in an extremely rural area with any Apple or My carier ATT offices within hours on treacherous roads, and its winter now. #3. I am many hours away on the same winter roads to a repair service of any kind! #4. Now I have no phone! I have no easy means to fix it.


What do you want us to do? I mean not to be a jerk but that was your fault. Either way, just remove the battery. And recycle of it properly. Good luck! @evan I think we should lock this post.


Ah you can also click on an image to magnify it.


Also, what part needs more clarification? I’ll take a look at it.


@captainsnowball "I think we should lock this post." I do not think so. Just because it is something that is not favorable, locking it would be no more then censorship. Sometimes it is constructive to hear about repairs that went wrong. Have you ever tried to fix something that then went 100% wrong and you ended up having to discard whatever you tried to repair? Happened to me, plenty of times.

@wandajune sorry to hear about this. The adhesive removal is a challenge and was identified by iFixit as such. You do need that extra bit of help with the heat either to the bottom of the iPhone case or the battery itself or as shown in step 27 to the battery.

Since the battery is now puncture continue to remove it carefully so as to not cause any damage to other parts of your phone. There is no reason to fear any explosion etc, just watch for excessive moisture reacting with the lithium.


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Millions have successfully fixed their' devices using iFixit's guides. Little to none have complained about iFixit's guides because of their inability to do it themselves. If you followed the guide correctly, none of that would have happened. Pure user error.

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Looks like common sense didn't apply to the OP.


@ggsquared1961 If you think its the guides fault maybe you can talk to @sam. Most likely it is your fault though. I could give you a pretty big list of things I fixed using iFixit. Also, I've never seen ANY negative points on meta! -5 is pretty surprising...


Hmmm, my friend just used that specific guide to change the battery on his boss's iPhone 5s. He's still employed -- with a raise, so I don't know if there's anything wrong with the guide.


If this question still has no accepted answer by tuesday, I say we vote to accept this as answer.


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