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Is it possible that iFixit can make an app?

@evan @captainsnowball

Can iFixit make an iFixit app? It would be great to get notifications on my phone instead of getting a ton of emails. If there is an iFixit app it needs to come on iPhones and iPads.

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@nick @copperwall is it possible to have iFixit make an app and not have it on the App Store but have it as a download so I could install it using iTunes?


You really can't install apps on iOS without going through the app store (at least that was the case when I last used an iDevice). You need to jailbreak the device to side load apps.


Oh ok. Then guess I’ll just stick with the website.


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Hey Padraic,

Here is a blog post on why we do not have an app available :)

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Oh! That stinks! But does make sense that Apple doesn’t want us to take apart there technology.


@paperboypaddy although I dont see how it violated terms. and if it did, they probably sent it to iFixit to ban them.


I'm not sure it's fair to say that Apple sent us a pre release Apple TV to ban us. Decisions have consequences. I appreciate the solidarity though, @captainsnowball.

That being said, the iOS app that was taken down targeted a really old release of iOS and would look super outdated on an iPhone/iPad today. We don't have any designated iOS engineers so we're going to focus on making the webpage better on mobile for the foreseeable future. We recently reduced the amount of JavaScript needed by most pages by ~500KB so that should make pages load faster in most cases :).

The old iOS app is open sourced here if you want to try and take it apart Otherwise you're more than welcome to use our public API if you ever feel like trying out iOS development from scratch. Feel free to reach out if you ever have questions about how the API works.


It would probably need a entire recode and SSL access changes, even for iOS. The WP version (yes, I'm one of the 10 people with one of those phones. I no longer use it, though.) has login problems; I blame the certificates on the phone or the app.


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