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downvoting ring on @oldturkey03!

he has -16 votes on this!

how? I think is behind it...

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Stop worrying about issues like this. Focus on something more important. These down voting rings never do enough damage to care, since they usually can't do too much damage without raising flags.


@nick, this is not fair though. His response was very wrong to 2 down votes is not right.


The world isn't fair 100% of the time. In this case, fighting to pursue such a goal is a waste of everyone's time.

I'd rather let the responsible party get away with it and move on in this situation.


Interesting, sounds like the lost religion of the "Fellowship of the Grain". They truly believe that rice is the One Solution(TM).


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We're looking in to the downvotes. I'll keep you posted.



The downvotes on OldTurkey's post are not a downvote ring, there is no evidence that he is being maliciously attacked, much less by the person you accused on Answers. You can look at OldTurkey's rep and see that it has not suffered from these downvotes. The post is experiencing a bug that we are looking into.

In the meantime, you've accused a brand new user (started 1/30/18) of vote fraud, without any evidence. Based on their profile, they're young, and passionate about repair, just like you. We should be gently encouraging users to learn site etiquette, and not scaring them off of the site.

Please keep in mind that you're not the only one who cares about iFixit, we're all trying our hardest. Start by being kind. Think hard about everything you post, here and on Answers, and ask "How many people will this help?"

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Oh Crap... Hold on.


@captainsnowball DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! He can recover if he chooses to do so. I explained why in my response to this post.


No the guy I accused


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Whoa! What happened here ;-)? This is to funny and gave me a good chuckle (actually more like LMBO). Aiden, do you remember me telling you that if things looked odd, to investigate if there really is a problem? I do appreciate your concern about that but you did it the wrong way. Never accuse! If you do not agree with something, discuss it and try to understand the differences of opinions.

I do not see a problem with this at all. First because I can always validate my answer as based on facts. Second because those downvotes would just be points that would get deducted. I have said it numerous times over the last couple of years, I really don't do this for points. They are nice to get started and offer a personal gratification and may validate effort and knowledge, but points are not the reason why I do what I do. Empowering others by sharing knowledge and maybe making a difference in someone else's life is far more important to me than points.

If these would be true downvotes, I would simply review my answer and discuss my point or delete the answer if I could not validate it. It is okay to have a difference of opinions and it is okay to not agree with everything.

I do recognize that you are now on vacation until next week and am looking forward to your return.

@sam thanks for looking into this, but do not spend to much time on it. Stuff happens and I rather have you spend time on more teardowns.

@blakeklein "Stay positive, keep smiling" that's the only way to fly :-)

@evan no problem with that at all. It's all good...and my apologies for not having mentored the young grasshopper as effective as I should have ;-)

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Hopefully this case is a lesson he won't forget.


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Let me explain this in a way I think will make sense. In situations like this, you have two choices:

1) Worry about the source of the problem, lose the points AND delay recovery

2) Not give the person behind the voting ring attention, move on and write the points off

In these situations, you're better off taking option 2. While you lose points (in this case 6*16), you lose 96 points. Oldturkey is at a point that's a drop in the bucket just not worth caring about. He just needs 8 +12 votes to break even (12*8).

Yes, the leader of the voting ring should be punished for it but is it worth chasing them down and blaming multiple people to find you keep blaming the wrong person? NO! That falls under opportunity cost - you can chase them down and punish them, but it's unlikely you will get anywhere anyway and it was a waste of time. The other option is to make those lost points back and even out from the attack. Personally I'd rather take the hit unless it's particularly severe and actually worth caring about. 96 points is nothing to iFixit veterans like Oldturkey who have been here for years, since they have enough to take the hit.

I will use my -34 loss as an example of why this is a waste of time. How this works is if I come back from an accepted answer (years old, most likely), I gain 30 points but am still down 4. One +12 vote brings me back with +8 points as a bonus. If I choose to recover through upvotes, 4 gets me 48 points with 14 bonus points to back up my recovery. I can easily recover through 3 points (+36) however. If I get 3 upvotes then I gain +2 points, so I'm essentially breaking even. Either way, I get the last laugh because I didn't feed the trolls responsible and made more points back then what I lost because of them.

These cases are usually not worth spending time on. Let the responsible party run like cowards, move on and recover in a way that will actually get you somewhere. Besides, it's often faster to recover from the loss if you write off the lost points and you don't give the responsible party the satisfaction of getting the attention they want.

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I gave him 16 upvotes on other stuff to even it out.


This is only a problem if OT thinks it is a problem. I recommend doing nothing.


I agree with @evan here. See my reasoning as to why it's better to deprive them of attention and make more points back by doing nothing.


Piggybacking off of @nick comment for some daily motivation.

Whenever I get caught up feeling like someone has wronged me I think of this statement,

"If you had $86,400 in your bank and someone stole $10 would you spend all the rest of your money trying to get revenge? Exactly, so if someone puts 10 seconds of negativity in your life don't spend the next 86,400 seconds of the day thinking about it."

Stay positive, keep smiling.


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