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Problem with IFIXIT fonts?

Before I describe this problem, let me describe my configuration. I am running Linux MINT on an Apple iMac. There is no Apple software on this machine. Firefox is my browser of choice. -Enter key-

This is a new line. I now see three lines above, word-wrap after 'Linux', and after 'is my' with no extra blank lines. -Enter key-

Now I preview my typing, and there are blank lines added after each -Enter key-

Have not seen this CR-LF problem since using DOS & WordPerfect (circa 1985).

CarriageReturn & LineFeed.

This is the 10th line. Count 'em. Oh, you counted 15 ?

This is the end of this problem.

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I Googled this problem and found... The CSS style-sheets (since 2012) default to two(font-heights) for line spacing.

This comment box appears to line space correctly, because its a smaller font.

The answer box font is larger.



Tom, I don't know if this issue is related too?


That is a common gripe with high-resolution monitors using old common fonts that looked nice with 600 dots. Today, I'm at 3000 (or some astronomical number) and the old fonts are looking kinda ragged.

This spacing issue, however, is related to the dot-height of a font. The bigger the font-size, the more spacing is required. In 2013, the King-of-CSS (someone??) defined new line-spacing rules. I cannot explain the differences in Chrome, MS Explorer, Opera, Firefox, et al, and their rendering-software. It is up to the web-page-authors to insure their pages look as good in Mongolia, as they do in Georgia. Dozuki (authors of this page) has line-font-spacing issues mentioned in their forum. After the scolding I got from Firefox users, I'm inclined to agree with Aiden Baker "its normal, it is done on all devices. not sure why". (His ANSWER follows....)


Tom, all the browsers you mention are based around webkit. Looking further, however, each browser sends their own custom values into webkit's api, which causes a page to render differently depending on the browser/environment (OS).

@evan, Tom's last comment just clicked. Sorry, I've not done CSS/HTML in a bit. So question for you.

How is the line height value set in iFixit web code?

Ratio so that it auto sizes in respect to the fonts available to the user's OS:

[code]line-height: 1.4;[code]

or hardcoded pixel in respect to... well a specific font/environment?

[code]line-height: 9px;[code]



Also, code block is not working in comments :-)


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1 Answer

if you are talking about the blank lines separating the text,


^^^are\/ \/ \/


it is done on all devices. not sure why.

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Aiden - ask anyone who knows 'typewriter' and 'newspaper'.

That is called double-spacing. Lawyers and politicians like it so they write-between-the-lines. ;>)


Would someone using CHROME or OPERA browser please comment. Make sure your comment wraps past the right margin. Like this paragraph.-enter key-

thank you


Tom, so another question for you is, have you tried other distributions beside MINT? Could it just be MINTs FONT renderer? I think @nick is an avid Linux user, and he hasn't seen anything... yet -- at least he hasn't mentioned it. I've been using Ubuntu. I've not seen anything off.


S W - What browser are you using ? Your comment is single-spaced, perfect. Who is a @nick ? The best I've learned so far, is that CSS coding is not consistent among the different browsers. Ergo, its a FireFox problem. Look at Aiden's answer above. I see it triple-spaced !!! (BTW, I have not touched the Enter key)


S W #2 - I just recvd a note (I use Thunderbird) telling me my eMail was all double-spaced. What??? I quickly found under Edit/Preferences/Composition/HTML checkbox labeled: 'Use Paragraph format instead of Body Text by default.' I switched the X to space, turning it off.

My Thunderbird eMail is now single spaced. If I want a true blank line, I must add one. Firefox is the culprit. I am passing this problem to Mozilla.


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