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Smartphone maker ZTE to shut down!

Now we have to worry about the protectionist attitude of our president!

The Trump administration just forced smartphone maker ZTE to shut down

I'm wondering it Tim Cook had any involvement with this action?? Clearly it will help Apple in the China market (as well as others)

As for ZTE importing to sanctioned countries, There are more Apple iPhones in Iran than ZTE phones! The reverse is true in North Korea.

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This Trump card move is another one of the President's tactics to try to leverage better trade with China. He has failed with his other sanctions. For example, China doesn't need American ginseng or pork, and beef is better sourced from Australia. This move however, may put a small dent (however small it may be) in China's economy because ZTEs shutdown affects the global market.

ZTE is huge in budget phones globally, but not a big player in China, which is ruled by XiaoMi and Huawei as local Chinese brands. Lenovo, Samsung, and Huawei are Apple's biggest competitors in China.

Also you should know that Google isn't allowed in China. PERIOD. Android phones are raw Android. No Google play services, no Google App store, No Google Apps. There are at least 10 different Android app stores consumers can choose purchasing apps from. There is no popular American social media allowed. No facebook, no snapchat, no twitter. So Trump is running out of leverage to improve trade conditions.

Most homes in California are owned by Chinese investors, using the money made by these unfair trade conditions. Because of this artificial control of supply and demand, prices are over inflated, and most in Californians cannot afford a home. There are even a 1800 sq ft homes that are destroyed by fire, selling for over 900k in San Jose.

Any dent Trump can make (like him or hate him) to improve trade and increase American jobs is welcome. Apple has been looking to get out of China. Apple is supplied mostly by Foxconn (a Taiwan company -- don't mistake them for China, they hate that), which recently failed to move manufacturing to Brazil, Indonesia and other countries. But guess what -- if all goes well Foxconn comes to Wisconsin.

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