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Is this a site bug?

I have noticed this issue on 2 different guides:

For reference (in case anyone needs it), I am running W7 x64 and am using FF Quantum ESR 60.0.2 as my current web browser.

The issue in question (and what I believe is a bug) happens when you hover over an image. I am used to getting 3 options:

  • Full screen
  • Copy image
  • Metadata

This bug is annoying because I use this feature to verify if I am using the correct file with more then one of what I am covering and I need to be sure I used the final image when there are similar images that didn't make it. When I hover over an image, this is what I see now:

Block Image

Is this a feature change or a bug? If it's a feature change what will I need to do to check the metadata on the photo I used vs the final intended photo to make sure I picked the right image?

Visual ID isn't always ideal. If I have 2 images and one has issues I corrected in a very similar reshoot or edit, I account for this in 2 ways:

  • The file name (edited)
  • Visual cues that I can readily see or the file name (reshoot)

Having access to the data made verification really easy; check the name and make sure I used the current version or edit.


@evan here's the console errors I get

Block Image

Block Image

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Hey @nick,

This is what I see when I roll over the image:

Block Image

Can you try rolling over the image with your browser console open and tell me if you see any errors?


I’m seeing the same expected behavior in Firefox 59.0.2 on my Mac. I’ll upgrade to v60 and let you know if anything breaks.


Okay. I tested on Firefox v60 on my Mac and a Win 7 VM and I can’t reproduce the bug. Are you running your browser with some JS features disabled?

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I do run NoScript and do rely on my old settings because I know they work. I enable the iFixit JS since I need it (and the corresponding JS) but I have the trackers set to untrusted and blocked from running. I've traditionally blocked since it acts as a way to help work with older browsers and I don't have such problems. I would imagine you need it if you use Internet Exploder but not on FF. I block ALL trackers as a general rule.

Was this moved to I'll still try it and see but that's how I've always set NoScript to run. I also block hotjar, since it hasn't historically been required and nothing broke without it running.


I set Hotjar and pollyfill to Temporary trusted to see if it helps, and it does not.


Yup. I just checked the polyfills that get served to Firefox and there are none. Hotjar is a monitoring tool and wouldn't help either. Did you check your console for errors? If there are none I can only guess that your browser settings are suppressing some JS functions.


@evan I just added that screenshot to the post. Maybe something broke with Quantum 60 ESR, since it isn't updated as frequently and it's a long standing bug since ESR isn't commonly used.

I don't run the JS for ifixit-documents by default (not required unless the guide has a embedded PDF like the B210a cleaning guide where I include the SMPTE color bars to test the printer, since testing a color range has a better chance of exposing hidden problems) so I enable that as needed. I never changed my settings from legacy FF because NoScript 9 wasn't as intuitive to revert untrusted JS. NoScript 10 is better about this, so it's less of a problem to make changes.


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