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Since Rufus changed the UX in a dramatic way in 3.X, I decided to attempt to revise the existing guide but preserve the majority of the old content to avoid a complete rewrite. As such, the mix of old and new content is going to be more obvious then before. I'm not opposed to a total revision for the sake of appearance if the content mix is getting out of hand but I'd (understandably) like to reuse as much of the original content as I can.

I made the following changes:

  • COMPLETELY rewrote Step 4. I had to do this out of necessity.
  • Minor photo revision to Step 1.
  • General content cleanup.
  • Provided a archived final PDF link to the previous version in the intro, since the changes are so dramatic. This is based on the USB only guide (Gen2) that was made to replace the DVD burning era guide. I am providing this for users of 2.81 or older who do cannot switch (3.X drops XP and Vista support) and am doing it by choice. This was also done with the DVD era guide.

Anyway, the guide can be found here:

Is there anything I can do better? Should I change more pictures to improve the age gap between photos?

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Why not make a separate guide for the new revision?


I archived the original in the intro, but that's something I'd consider. I can always bring it back to the pre-revised state with improvements. I still have the old version on hand to do it. If your reasoning is the end of support for XP and Vista I can see why but the statstics on how many users are left are likely a big clue why it was dropped.

I did it this way because it was easier then a rewrite and a new guide is hard to justify. The work involved in that over a revision made it more worthwhile to revise rather then replace. The tradeoff is lower quality results, but it retains the old guide ID and I was able to reuse the *majority* of the existing content (with changes being made as needed). The other downside is a new guide would take a lot longer to create (plus I'd lose the existing guide ID). I hope that makes sense. I also use these small guides in major ones, so I rely on a consistent guide ID (otherwise I need to update anything that uses it).

I don't think it'll stand a 4th revision, but I'll try if it isn't too far off and more changes are made. It's already endured 3 major revisions so I think I've got as much as I could out of it.


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