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Data Recovery Questions - Littered with SPAM

So is it just me or are all of the data recovery questions riddled with spam? Every time I happen to open one, usually when it appears to be more hardware related than software, all I see are streams of answers from posters that have 1 Rep and a link to some software of dubious origin. Then when you check their profiles, all of their answers have the same pattern. There’s can be some good nuggets in the answers and sometimes lot’s of follow on discussions so I’m hesitant to flag all of them.

It would help if there was an official or unofficial policy on how to handle these.

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Hello Minho

I agree with you, but ... if I'm not sure that those software are useful or not, I get the feeling that by marking it as spam I can be removing options to op to solve your problem, maybe one is useful (really) for Recover data. I do not know those programs and they could be used. Just a thought of why I do not mark them as spam. Something must be done.

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@refectio I think the best way would be to leave an answer that is non-commital to any particular software, or to mark the question as “Not repair related”. In my opinion any question that is only focused on data recoverery is not anything that we can answer on here. Those are “Not Repair related”

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I think the reason we see so many is the data is worth more then the phone for many users. If you have photos you cannot replace then it should be available so you have a chance of seeing that content again. Removal helps nobody.

The phone is easy to replace, but not the data - It's often better to repair the phone enough to get it to show up and get the data. Once you do that you can go further or scrap the dead device. It usually only happens to less experienced users because they aren't going in with background information to get it done (and possibly repair the phone). It should be combined with information on how to finish the repair if you want to use the dead device again.

I know with my LG G4 I did recovery on, while my information was limited at the time, I now know it's commonly caused by the PMIC and a solder failure *somewhere*. It's probably repairable but the 509k* IMEI phones are known to fail. That's why when I got my data off, I put the phone aside as a reminder on why I don't use LG phones anymore; too many questions and too many gambles.


@nick - Bee's to honey, to bears!

It's mostly people trying to take advantage of someone when their guard is down or when they are desperate in this case recovering lot moments.


Didn't happen to me with my G4, even after I got the phone stable long enough. Then again I also suspect it's because I knew what needed to be done, which didn't leave much room to post it.

I was surprised since spammers love those questions and can't tell when you solved it.


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