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What are y’alls opinions on jailbreaking?

I just wanted to get a community consensus on jailbreaking here. Personally I wouldn’t do it with my primary iDevice, I reserve it for secondary or trash picked iDevices.

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Most jail breaking reasons are gone with a few exceptions. Many of the tools won’t work under the newest iOS so it’s a bit pointless.

The only thing I’ve used a jailbreak was to setup a iPad WiFi sniffer.

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I’m going to agree with @danj here, Apple has done a pretty good job of implementing most of the jailbreak-worthy features into iOS over the years. That said, if you do need your iDevice to do something outside of iOS’s capabilities (e.g., a WiFi sniffer), jailbreaking is a fun way to add a ton of customization to iOS! There are, however, plenty of performance hiccups you can run into, and troubleshooting software issues once something is jailbroken can be a nightmare.

Also, *steps onto soapbox* it’s important to make sure you’re paying for jailbroken apps, following copyright laws, and staying within the legal jailbreaking limits of your country.

*steps off of soapbox*

If you do end up jailbreaking something, let us know how it goes! I would be interested to hear about how the jailbreaking process has changed over the years. I am also curious whether there are jailbreak workarounds to some of the unauthorized repair part issues we have been working around this year…

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@taylord Jailbreaking has been nothing but nonsense and trouble for me. I jailbroke my older iPhone 5S and ended up bricking the phone because the jailbreaking software that I used was hijacked and malicious code was run that made the phone essentially a brick.

Other times that I jailbroke my iDevices the jailbreaking software simply didn’t work or the iDevice needed restoring via iTunes due to unforeseen slowness or apps no longer working properly.


@ajcooke01 that is a huge bummer! Malicious code is something I never ran into, but slowness and broken apps were par for the course back when lived the jailbreak life. That was back when iOS was less secure though, so I wouldn't be surprised if jailbreaking has become more of a dark art.


The only other thing I had used jailbreaking for was In essance, it's for iphone.


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