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Rice recommendation in iFixit?

Should iFixit attach a note (even if I delete it) on this page where rice is recommended for drying a device? I believe that a fan or kitchen paper does more to eliminate liquids than rice. Nobody dries after a shower with rice ... Maybe I should patent it? :)

Just to avoid confusion and eliminate forever that urban legend.

Thank you for this great work that you all do here.


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Just above the section: Cleaning Circuit Boards


Hi Oscar,

Thanks for your question! Can you provide a link to the guide so we can take a look? Thanks!


Do not copy the link ... xD


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The problem with getting rid of the myth is because the people who believe it want an easy solution, even though it doesn’t exist and you need to open the device no matter how you spin it - you can do that easily with things like battery acid because it’s common knowledge it kills devices, but rice (and things like the Thirsty Bag) have been pushed so long it’s taken as truth. We can only educate so much because some people will always believe this myth does anything helpful. The US page was updated, but the translations don’t always follow - especially manual ones. It isn’t an issue with machine translation, so it depends on if it’s manual or machine based. Most of us are from the US, so that’s why we put that myth to bed on the US page :). Good night and good riddance.

I’ve come to terms it’ll always be a thing. We can only educate it out of the marketplace so much before resorting to ridicule to put it to bed.

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