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A new spamming technique...maybe?

Hey everyone. I just found a spammy link embedded in an otherwise “normal but low quality “ answer. The interesting part is that they embedded the link in the period at the end of the sentence. It’s very hard to notice in the “answer”, at least with my battle weary eyes :>). I guess the goal is to have the link scraped by the various search engine crawlers.

Block Image

However, the spammer did this on one of my older answers so I received a notification and it shows clearly on that.

Block Image

This is new to me so I thought I would share it with the gang…maybe I’m just late to the party.

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Good catch! I've never seen anything like this before, so I definitely appreciate your vigilance.


I thought I’d browse meta awhile but I haven’t found anything I understand. I don’t even know what a spammy link does. Y’all are just too smart for me. Guess I’ll go help someone find the model number on their dryer or something more my speed. Enjoy!


@ladytech I'd say just do the same as the hundreds people you've been helping on the main forum, ask about and somebody will answer here on Meta too :) Spammy links usually point you to something that doesn't help you finding the answer you are looking for but help spammers to reach their goal, that is most of times putting their hands on your money more or less maliciously. But I'm sure somebody more clever than me will be able to expand on my 2cents worth answer ;)


@ladytech very doubtful that "Y’all are just too smart for me" You are one of the smartest people on iFixit. Just because there is a bit of new terminology here does not mean that you don't get it. You'll get used to it. If an old turkey like me does so will you. Stick around, it's fun :-)


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@refectio darn that is smart. Hard to see for an old guy like me. I guess we really have to be on the lookout for copycats.

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