Steve Jobs was right about Flash. Good riddance :-)

I personally have had so many issues it's 2020 demise is long overdue - good night and good riddance. Also one less hole to worry about that somehow persistently remains exploitable. If anyone has not seen it, this is what I am referring to. It’s all over for Flash on 12/2020.

I can’t even remember the last time I installed it for someone either. I’ve usually been the one to remove it and tell them to use Chrome for Flash.

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The best thing about flash for my generation was Homestar Runner. But even they embraced its demise:


@kristen It had its place on the pre HTML5 internet but the awful security track record and instability are no longer tolerable with HTML5 being just as capable.

What did it in for me (and thinking Jobs was right) is the frequent updates - I let it sit unpatched for a bit at times with how often it had to be updated. I even removed it from a family members system I set up when it was kind of relevant years after the fact and never looked back - I told them to use Chrome. I remember having to update Flash every other week (or multiple times a week) back in 2008-2009 on my oldest Macs and it's mainly why I switched to Chrome for Flash sites and haven't installed it on my High Sierra 2011 13" and contain it to Chrome. Their replacement (5 year old Win7 I don't trust to run 10) will run without it from day one :-).

I don't miss those days, and I'll never forget having to dedicate time I shouldn't have had to if Flash was secure to updates. The early days when Jobs told Adobe to get lost were painful for a few years, but it didn't take long for the internet as a whole to prove Jobs was on the right side of the Flash war.


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