A change in culture at Apple?

Court backs ex-Apple engineer who says he was left off inventors’ list

A change in culture

According to Eastman, Steve Jobs promised him in 2009 that he could, “always work for Apple .” However, things changed after Jobs died. Eastman says that Apple culture under Tim Cook is very different. This included, “cronyism and a dedicated effort to ignore quality issues in current and future products.”

Eastman was fired in September 2014 for alleged unprofessional and inappropriate communications. This was reportedly over an argument about a bug in the Disk Utility application in macOS.

Eastman is also suing Apple for unlawful termination. That lawsuit has been put on hold until the resolution of the current patent case.

If this is true that explains a lot in the failed QC and non-repairability in the current product offerings!

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I'm interested to see how this turns out. If Eastman's statements are true, I certainly hope Apple gives credit where credit is due!


I know I've said this before, but it's so sad to see companies pushing for profits and buying out politicians instead of doing what's right. I don't think it's necessarily wrong for a company to maximize their profits, but they shouldn't be doing it by exploiting resources and consumers; that's just plain wrong. I wonder if we're going to see an even bigger increase in failed Apple products come October after all their new gadgets are released to the public.


@jogihara -I hope big Tim correct this: "A dedicated effort to ignore quality issues in current and future products."

It would be sad to see Apple slowly drift into the sunset like how Iomega failed from some of the same reasons. They had a great product with the Zip & Jazz drives but QC and the next products where o-hum and plagued with failures. Their stock was on a rocket and then sputtered as they had no arc in their products and nothing in the pipe to move forward with. The stock was almost twice the paper value of all of Iomega's assets! They where sold off in a fire sale mostly for their IP & patents.


@danj At this point while I'd like a 16" MBP, it needs to hold up for at least 1 entire cycle before I buy one. The QC issues with the butterfly keyboard put me off to it without seeing it hold up.


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