Amazon caught selling dangerous products

I’m not surprised - I haven’t been for years. On top of that, their reputation for letting this slide for so long is why I don’t trust them and go anywhere else if I can get the same thing (or a similar product) elsewhere.

Maybe calling it out will mean we hear of less fried laptops because of knockoff adapters that kill the system board. I’ve seen it enough times to be uncomfortable trusting any power adapter from Amazon. Amazon’s Choice didn’t sway me because they tend to be biased towards Amazon Basics (duh) and sellers with cheap junk more often then not.

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Yikes! Yeah, I learned the hard way when I once bought a third-party MacBook charger from Amazon and it completely melted. As a Marketplace seller, Amazon really needs to have a better vetting process.


@kristen I learned that with my A1181 3GB MB that as a DOA bum because someone else did it :(. I'm having a hard time moving the parts. Hopefully it didn't take the system out with it - very common finding in Answers.

Amazon gets away with it by blaming the sellers since they don't sell the products. Between their excuses for 3rd party sellers selling dangerous products and the infamous Apple deal, they lost my business when I have a choice. There will be times my hands are tied, but whenever I can get it elsewhere I'm at that point.

I bought a known good 85W from Best Buy for my 2011 13". I know these are 60W machines, but I wanted headroom for when it's time to get an older rMBP (probably a 2014 to avoid the battery recall and have ground against the TSA) and it can be sorted with a $10 adapter. The 2011 isn't a Metal system, so eventually it'll be a situation I have to.


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