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What would be the closest replacement to the Ronson Tech Torch?

**If this belongs more in Answers, feel free to move it but I am posting it in Meta due to the subject matter.**

As I found out a little (but not too) late, my Ronson Tech Torch - which I got because it came with soldering tips and would be useful for soldering if I ever had to was recalled. I already completed the recall in the sense I have the parts going out and discarded the torch. The problem now is I need to look for a solid replacement as it comes with the soldering tips and would make for a nice near identical replacement after I get compensated. I am also posting this because I mentioned it in Answers on a charger repair question - yes, I included the CPSC recall in the answer BUT didn’t provide a replacement yet due to the fact I have to look - I don’t want to back anything without testing it. Worst case I do a permanent change to butane torch but test it to see how it behaves on something you can destroy.

I am looking at 3 possible replacements, of course depending on how I get compensated - I am suspecting a store gift card of some kind will be given out due to the nature of the recall. I am buying locally since I don’t want to deal with the DOT regulations in regards to replacing it.

  • Replacement 1: Dremel 2200-01
  • Replacement 2: Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T
  • Replacement 3: Ronson MDX (No soldering tips, but 1:1 brand replacement if I have to)
  • Replacement 3.5: HS-1115K (eBay; not likely since I can’t pay for this with a coupon or gift card)
    • It’s only here since I bought tips for one on eBay thinking they’d work with the Tech Torch) from China. I’d waste more returning them then keeping them.

Out of all of these identical replacement torches (other then the MDX), which one of these is known to hold up the best in day to day use in your experience? I’m disappointed in the MDX as it’s not even a direct match to the Tech Torch (especially since the soldering tips were included), but it is cheaper and this in a way does compensate for the lost soldering tips and it does sell - I just don’t like the compromises made.

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@danj should this go to Answers or stay in Meta?


@nick - I would put in in Answers


@danj Will do unless it gets done before I can do the migration.

I just put it in Meta since it would be here anyway if I judged wrong.


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I personally like the smaller pencil units for when I’m in the field. This is what I use Dremel - VersaTip Pencil Gas Torch

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I liked the large fuel tank on the Ronson - which is something the pencil ones don't allow for. When I had it, I got 2 cans of butane to avoid emptying the one I keep for smaller butane tools too quickly. That said if I have money left I wouldn't be opposed to one of those for field use. However, it looks like it isn't modular like the VersaFlame I linked.

I used it for heatshrink and other things I didn't need the tips for as well - that Ronson got so hot I needed to do some test runs and use caution if I didn't attach the heating element but I made it work.

The tank on those two I linked looks compromised in terms of capacity with the Demel 2200 being the closest (the MDX really is) so that may not be needed anymore outside of the Dremel version.

I have a bad feeling the tank capacity is what got them in trouble with it and that's why the new one is so small compared to the old one.


@danj 3 things:

1) I started the corrections on the answer. It's still a work in progress.

2) I did the Answers port, but it didn't survive. Someone thought it was still more of a Meta question. I'll just leave it here at this point.

3) I got the Ronson because of the big tank - I have a small tank torch that doesn't burn as hot (safer for heatshrink, but I can use a big one safely in a pinch) and really don't need two. That said, I'm not completely against the tiny Dremel torch. At first I suspected it to be a solder only option but I was wrong - didn't know since it looked like a solder only torch. The positive opinion does still give me some confidence with the big version.


Update: I'm paying out of pocket on this one... Great. The final update is at least issued for the answer. On top of that, it's a Zippo card. They blew it - last time I get anything like this from them again. Well beyond !#^&@@ with how it was handled.

The way I see it is since my old laptop is beyond repair (and the new drive is going back due to false advertising) I can afford to pay for lost features. The huge thing with Dremel is that I don't need to worry about warranty clauses based on 1st party butane sales :-).


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