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Any ideas on how to solve this?

This is an answer of it’s time so I’m not mad about the rice thing, but we’ve known for so long it’s not a repair tool I don’t want to upvote this or even accept the answer. I was tempted to downvote it but I decided not to because of the context - we didn't know better so it isn't fair to punish someone because of 20/20 hindsight.

I’ve corrected it in the form of a comment, but I have not accepted it or upvoted it to help put the rice myth to bed. I’m going to leave this here for you all to figure out. I’m not endorsing rice.

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Fun fact: This is the guy who designed the reputation system for iFixit.


@sterlinghirsh Oh wow. That said, I understand the answer is a product of the time so I'm not upset about it but it had to be addressed.

If I ever mentioned rice, I'd either delete or revise but that's dependent on the quality of the other answers.


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Hi Nick

My opinion is better to eliminate it. It can confuse people and most will not read the comments.

Make it easy.

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Flagged as off-topic. The comment was more to cover against someone who doesn't know better.


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