iRobot needs tweaking, too many valid comments being deleted


Lately I’ve noticed that the iRobot is deleting a lot of comments containing model numbers, especially for refrigerator and washer / dryers which have long number strings for their model numbers.

A lot of the time the comment cannot be viewed by moderators (me ;-) since there hasn’t been an answer to the question in which the comment has been posted, so there is no option to Show Deleted and then to either ignore the comment if it is spam etc or to re-open it if valid, which surprisingly the iRobot doesn’t object to.

Could either the iRobot be tweaked so as to not delete these type of comments or could there be some way that they can be viewed without having to post a “test answer” and then delete it, just to get the Show Deleted option to show above the Answer box?


Answer this question I have this problem too

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Hey Jayeff! Thanks for the feedback. I'll discuss this with the team and see if there is a better way to show deleted comments for the mods.


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