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What should I do with Questions posted as Answers?

Hello! :D

I’m a bit confused about what I should do when I see someone asking a “question” as an answer on an old question, I have been looking on how moderation has been made for a while but I haven’t understood what is the difference between different cases.

From the beginning, I thought that I should moderate them to make them to a real question post. But some of them were later denied and some were accepted, which has made me confused.

Should I just answer the “question“ posted as an answer using a comment or should I moderate it with “switch to a question“? Or does this depend on how different the new question is from the original question?

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Hi @eke0909 ,

My view if it is a “question” in the answer box and it pertains to the device on the page then depending on how long ago the original question on the page was asked and also how long ago the last answer to the original question was posted then if the last answer on that page is fairly recent i.e. within the last 9-12 months:

You can still answer it in a new answer box on that page rather than as a comment in the same answer box as their “answer” and link their user ID in your answer, and then “moderate” their “answer” as a vote for a “switch to comment” and that way when it gets answered by you or others, the answer will be still relevant to the device and also the comments under the question which hopefully will still be looked at. I usually switch the answer if it appears as a “switch to comment” on the moderation page to the most relevant part of the page it’s already on, usually the comments list under the original question or sometimes if it is a response to an answer by someone else to a comment in the appropriate answer box on that page


vote to moderate their “answer” as a switch to a question” if it is older than the last answer by >12 months or is about a different device that has the same symptoms. Then when it is switched to a new question either by the moderators (I’m just one of them on the Answer forum - not Meta though) or by popular vote that way questions about the same devices will stay together on the same device thread and the more recent questions will get more attention by others.

I look at the Answers Forum Moderation page every time that I’m on the Answer forum and decide what to do based on the above criteria. It may be wrong but that’s what I do.

Hopefully this makes some sense to you. ;-)

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Thanks! :D

It solved most of it, but I would still like to hear if someone else thinks different before accepting the answer. :D



No worries ;-)



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