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Fix Kit vs separate Spare Parts


I often do repairs on iPhones from friends. At this time I often have iPhone7 for Display and Battery exchange. For the First repair i ordern a Display Fixkit to have all Tools and the iphone7 Display Sticker.

Now I have two more iPhone 7 in line and I am very confused when putting together the spare Parts I need.

I would be cheaper for me if I buy 2 display Fix Kits withe the Tools then just buying 2 separate Displays and two severer Display Glue Stickers WITHOUT extra Tools.

I think it is not good for our environment when it is cheaper to buy FixKits with tools I don’t need and I would possibly just throw away then buying only the thing I really need.

So my question is, are you planing to change that price Modell (it definitely exists in there Germanstore) so that separate Spareparts are at least at the same price as the fix Kits with tools. But less Parts for more Money ist wrong I think.


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Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your feedback. I'll get more information from someone who may be able to answer your question and get back to you soon.


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Hi Christopher,

Our pricing is based on our purchase prices and usually, there shouldn’t be big differences in the prices you see in the German Store and the ones we have in the US Store.

We’re trying to permanently control the prices and, if necessary, redesign. Set articles are usually always somewhat more favorable than the respective individual parts, but I totally agree with what you’re describing in the case that someone already has the tools.

The iPhone 7 doesn’t seem to be a single case, so we’re trying to find a better solution for all display kits and can unfortunately not do a quick fix for just this item right now. What we’re discussing is including the adhesive with the screens, similar to how we already do for iPhone batteries, but that change would need some time still.

Be assured that we’re very grateful for your reaching out to us and drawing our attention to this unintended discrepancy between pricing and mission. We’re working on it!

Thank you!

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