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How can we enhance benefits for teams and businesses?

This one goes out to all those of you who make part of a team and/or are Repair Pros. Our goal is to get people the repair information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible and at the same time make sure they get a piece of good quality information.

Most teams and businesses are experts in their respective fields, which is why I’d assume that the quality of their information should be rather high ;-), and I’m currently trying to find out what would make it even more beneficial for you to contribute.

One of my ideas was that if we’d manage to provide the option for users to contact repair initiatives and professionals directly out of the guide interface, we'd not only help users who are stuck somewhere in their repair quest but potentially also businesses who could then offer their services. What do you think about this? If you have a team or business page on iFixit, would you check the box and allow for users to contact you?

Do you have other ideas which would be better suited in your opinion?

I’d love to hear your feedback!!

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@sandrahiller - One of the problems I encounter is trying to aim people to the Pro’s. I often look through Repair Pros listing trying to find someone for the person who needs help. Sadly, the level of information in the listings to link up customers to the local Repair Pro is just lacking! Here’s an example 2 of my USB ports have only power but no data. I’m sure there is someone closer to him which might have been better (given how big the iMac is to carry on the train).

If we can get at least country and city and some form of contact information that can go a long way!

Here’s a great listing!

While having the map is very useful within the listing its hard to nail down in a search. As an example if I look for someone in New Zealand I get a listing of three shops, yet iMacGyver is not listed! As the search is focused on the company name not there location. They have helped answer questions and worked on guides unlike the others. Biasing to shops that help the cause should be given a priority in the search similar to how the main listing is setup.

While I realize this is a bit of a chore to clean up it would go a long way getting to what you are looking for! Getting people to find skilled people to fix their systems locally!

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