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Apple Offering Free Battery Replacements for 2016-2017 MacBook Pros!

It looks Like Apple has another oops! Apple Offering Free Battery Replacements for 2016-2017 MacBook Pros That Can't Charge Past 1%

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Does Apple always say that only “a very small number of customers” were affected by issues? This is the second article in a row that I’ve seen them use that phrase. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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@kristen Small is subjective ;-}

It all depends on what is the total they frame this within. I'm suspecting Apple is using the larger grouping they can set in their mind and then its small at that point! i.e. All MacBook Pro's being sold.

A more realistic start would be the given model run. Then it would be more larger then! Which would worry investors!

So is Apple likely to play the investors over their customers interests? mmmm ;-}

Apple tends to have fewer and fewer recalls or acknowledgement of issues. Look how long they where in denial on FlexGate, Butterfly and now T-CON which is still not being addressed on the current owners. The newer 16" got a slightly better cooling system but it still didn't solve the root issue!


Yeah, they seem to say “a few people are affected” a lot. As in the case with the iPhone 6’s bending, Iphone 7’s whole slew of issues, and so on. I think it’s just a thing to make customers feel like they just happened to get a bad batch, instead of implying that they made a mistake in the engineering part


@danj it’s Only “small” because only a small subset of users have actually changed over to Catalina or Big Sur. ?

I myself refuse to lose the 32 bit backward compatibility so I’m stuck in Mojave for now and have no issues with the few people I support using 2016/2017 stick to my recommendations to not upgrade past Mojave if they like most of their non-Apple store software. (Some software tends to be 32 bit for libraries).

I wonder what they borked in the OS to make this battery issue occur and claim it’s an issue rather than an oversight.


@dunc - I think its larger than you think! Remember, unless you turn it off your system will be quite happy to maintain the OS with the latest!

Big Sur was a big rewrite so it's possible someone messed up ;-}

I do agree Apple has been slipping with the QA! The last security update messed up both my mail and Safari. The preference settings are constantly resetting. Now I've got to dig into why.


@danj Ugh, I was being facetous.... (I clearly didn't convey that in my previous post). I'm in 100% agreement with you that Apple skews the narrative to their benefit rather than the end-user. It's a shame that a lot of companies do this tactic.... support towards their shareholders rather than their customer base.


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