Making a bespoke 6440 battery replacement guide or "cheat"?

Due to my LVDS E6440 having clear USB port issues (made apparent with a heavy USB cable), I am going to retire this unit because it’s over once it starts. The issue is it eventually affects light cables and USB flash drives, and I’m trying to replace the machine before it gets to the point nothing works. Just in case I cannot find anything suitable I don’t already own, I am looking for an EDP 6440 (HD 4600 or 8690M) since I have a FHD screen I can drop in and immediately upgrade it. The issue is many of them come with the TN 768p panel, and it’s disgusting looking.

However, for the battery step I have the guide from my 6540 and the procedure is identical, but the photos are from when I ran Win7 and didn’t put as much priority on photo quality. I do not want another 6540 because they offer no real benefit besides MQ processors, and that +10W TDP bump tends to contribute to the board failures, along with the single fan being shared between 37W M and 47W MQ systems, along with the 35W AMD GPU. I am thinking of cheating by either retaking the photos with the 6440 (and hoping nobody notices I changed the device model, because I have to change the model out since 4 means 14”, and no numpad), but I’m also looking into making one for the 6440 specifically so it all matches despite the fact I will need the EDP machine for the replacement and panel upgrade, and the dying LVDS one so I can document the identifying marks of a LVDS unit since Dell used both types of boards on these and you kind of need to check or you’re hoping the LCD parts work.

Would I be better off making a new battery guide and doing it as a prereq, or cleaning up the 6540 guide and just making it work?

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