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Can I help translating articles?

Can articles have a translation?

I think they can help a lot spreading repair culture between people who are not aware of the opportunities and importance it has in the contemporary world.

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Hi @gis !

Thank you so much for your question, your valuable thoughts, and your offer to help us with our translations! We really appreciate that!

Indeed, we’ve already started to make our blog articles available in French and very recently German, too. The next language we want to add is Spanish. This feature is quite new in our translation process and as we still gather experience, there are no plans to open blog articles for volunteer translation yet. If there’s a specific article you’d like to see translated, don’t hesitate to email your suggestion to

And of course, you’re more than welcome to join our volunteer team and help translating our guides, wikis, or also the user interface itself. It is such a great experience when other community members successfully repaired their stuff with the help of your translated guide! This is the moment when you know for sure that you’ve helped someone fix their device and thus prevented that it ends up in a landfill!

The translation of guides and wikis on iFixit is already available for English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. Especially first-time tinkerers will feel much more comfortable approaching their repair with a guide in their own language. Here’s a list of guides that need translation:

If your target language is Turkish, Portuguese, Korean or Russian, you might wish to help us with the translation of wikis: Should you speak a language we’ve not yet activated on our site, we might need your help in translating the user interface first:

Before you start translating, I'd recommend you to read the iFixit translator guidelines:

I really hope that together, we can share solutions with every potential fixer worldwide. I’m here for help if you encounter any problems, have any questions or want to share feedback about translation!

All the best,


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Thank you for the detailed answer!

My target language is Italian and I've already translated a few iFixIt pages, and I plan to keep helping your project. (Also planning to write and shot a disassembly)

I think that step-by-step instructions are precious, but the photos available on the site can already speak to anyone even better.

Please don't get me wrong, instructions translation is essential, especially for first-timers as you pointed out, but educating people who don't want to become a tinkerer to why and how repair culture is important is much needed.

Please let me know if you'll consider opening an Italian section, and again, thanks for your project!


Hi @gis ! Thank you so much again! Of course, Italian is on our list! In the meantime, we're trying to help promote the repair culture in Italy together with the Restart Project ( and Repair Café Italia ( movements.


@sandrahiller, great, I'm already in contact with the local Repair Café. Cheers!


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